Enrollment Agreement


Criteria For Enrollment

If your Art Work has been rejected from the 2013 BP Portrait competition or The Royal Academy Summer Show , then it is eligible for entry in Dazed and Refused 2013. We will select the entries on a first come first serve basis. As with last years exhibition, we plan to use a salon hang, maximizing the number of paintings we can include. However when the wall space runs out, later entries will only be added to fill the gaps created by any sales. If demand is high we may go for more than one venue

How to enroll:

To enroll please email dazedandrefused@gmail.com with an attached photo of the rejected work you wish to enter. Dazed and Refused will then email you back giving you an entry number. This number helps us to organize the entries when planning for the exhibition. The email will also contain a link to an online survey that you will need to complete  , in order to enroll in Dazed and Refused 2013. The survey will ask you for the following information:

  1. 1)DR Number

  2. 2)Title of Work

  3. 3)Full Name of Artist

  4. 4)Size of Work (mm)

  5. 5)Price of Work

  6. 6)Yes/No to Contact Information at 15.00

  7. 7)Yes/No to Business card display at 10.00

We will invoice you shortly after you are entered on our website. The invoice will consist of the 10.00 entry fee per Work and the fees of any additional services chosen.

Contact Information

Contact Information is an additional service provided by Dazed and Refused that enables you to display your: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Phone Number and Other Means of Communication on dazedandrefused.com

Last year, we received 636743 hits , by 6629 unique visitors to our website. The links will be uploaded on 14th May 2013 and will remain on the site until 6 months after the event. This service is available for an extra 15.00. If you wish to have your Contact Information put on the site, please tick the yes box on the online survey and fill in the required information.

If you have already enrolled, please email dazedandrefused@gmail.com any updates

Business Card Display

Business Card Display is another additional service from Dazed and Refused. It will be available for an extra 10.00. This feature enables artists to display their business cards at the exhibition. The business cards will be placed on a custom made rack. You will have to provide your own business or postcards and deliver them to us;

Gasoline Rooms,

299 - 300 Clare Street,

Cambridge Heath,

Bethnal Green,

London, E2 9HD

If you wish to save money on postage, maybe get your business cards delivered directly from the printers, or deliver them with your painting or just bring them on the opening night. They will be available in two sizes, Postcard (107mm x140mm) or Business Card (49mm x 87mm). If you wish to have your business card displayed at the exhibition, please tick the yes box on the online survey and fill in the required information. If you have already enrolled, please email dazedandrefused@gmail.com

The agreement between us

The 2013 Dazed and Refused exhibition will be held at The Arch Gallery Cambridge Heath Road Bethnal Green London E2, opening in June and continuing for a minimum of two weeks after this date.We are planning several events within this two weeks to maximize the amount of viewers and potential for selling. Prior to this, all work will be securely stored at Gasoline Rooms Gallery 299  Clare Street, Bethnal Green, E2 9HD. After the exhibition any unsold or uncollected work will be stored here also for a maximum of six weeks or by special arrangement.

Whilst every care will be taken with your painting , during the time that it is entrusted to us , please ensure that you have your own insurance in place to cover any loss or damage to the work as Dazed and Refused can not be held responsible. The large quantity of works and the compound value of all the paintings together makes for an unfeasibly large premium to cover this exhibition properly. It is practical to pass this cost on to the few that are concerned about this.

The gallery is clear and dry the paintings will be hung over a metre high . Anyone trying to steal work is overlooked. The gallery has roller shutters back and front.

The Storage at Gasoline Rooms is even more secure. However it is more dusty this is why we would like the work to be well packaged. Artists Newsletter offer a basic insurance for Artists when you subscribe, this might be able to be used or adapted to suit your needs.

Commission on works sold will be no more than 25% and will be applied to works in the exhibition only, that sell through either the Dazed and Refused website or The Arch Gallery Dazed and Refused exhibition.

Web links will be active after the exhibition for at least six months, we would be grateful if you could all link to our website from your own to increase the google profile of Dazed and Refused


Please package your work well, but wrap loosely to enable reuse of packaging when the work is returned or sold. Note: please do not package your work in anything of any sentimental value (e.g blankets) as the packaging you give your work in, will not necessarily be the packaging you get it back in.We will put each packed work in an outer plastic bag and the paintings will be stored in a separate locked dry storeroom. Each work should be clearly labeled with your name and Dazed and Refused entry number .You will receive a receipt of entry , you should keep this safe as we may require it when returning work to you.


So before you pay the invoice sent out to you please be sure that you are prepared to accept that Dazed and Refused and the venue cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to your work.

Peoples Choice Gallery Prize

Viewers will be encouraged to vote for their favorite portrait. The artist that receives the most votes in the gallery ballot box, wins a solo exhibition at the Gasoline Rooms and a lifetime free entry to Dazed and Refused.

Peoples Choice Web Prize

There will also be a chance to vote online in a separate pole where the winner will receive 100.00 worth of art supplies and a lifetime free entry to Dazed and Refused.

Dazed and Refused Entry Bundle - 30.00

Save 5.00 when you purchase the Contact Information Links and Business Card Display with your entry. Please remember that you are responsible for supplying your own business cards.