Quick explanation of Enrollment

  1. 1.Email dazedandrefused@gmail.com attaching a photo of your portrait.

  1. 2.Dazed and Refused will then email you back giving you a reference number. This (DR) number helps us to organize the Art Works when planning for the exhibition. The email will also contain a link to an online survey you will need to complete in order to enroll in our 2014 Exhibition.

3. Your work will then be put on the Art Work section of the website.

  1. 4.We will not invoice you for any fees until  after the 4th May 2014 , so that you get a fair idea of the content of the exhibition. You will be initially invoiced for the 5.00 voting entry fee and then 10.00 entry to the exhibition should you win enough votes

5. Please ensure that you read the Disclaimer and Agreement between us on the Enrollment Agreement          page of our website before Enrolling.